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5 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Fake

5 Signs Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Fake

The Himalayan Salt Lamp can act as a natural air disinfectant and decorative piece offering several health benefits. But with the increase in popularity of Himalayan Salt Lamp, the number of fake ones has increased in the market too.

Here are 5 signs listed by Rangdaar which help you identify if your Himalayan Salt Lamp is fake –

  1. Good at handling moisture – There is an actual process in which the lamps give out moisture and the process is called hygroscopy. It purifies the air around them by absorbing moisture and omits the pure water back into the atmosphere. If your lamp does not show any traces of water leaking, it is probably fake.
  2. Extremely durable – If your lamp seems extremely durable and sturdy, it can be a strong indication that it is fake. This is because the real and authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp is made to be very fragile and delicate. It is not unusual if the lamps break in transit.
  3. An inexpensive white crystal – Himalayan Salt Lamp comes in soft pinkish and orange hues. White lamps do exist but are rare and highly sought after making them much more expensive than the pink salt lamps. If you have a white Himalayan Salt Lamp but did not pay a large amount for it, the chances are high that it is fake.
  4. No health benefits – A true Himalayan Salt Lamp will help physically improve your life. Letting one of these lamps burn throughout the home will dismiss issues of common allergies and asthma. If the lamp isn’t making you feel lighter and healthier, the chances are that you have a fake salt lamp.
  5. Poor Return Policy – This is an important point in speculating if the salt lamp is fake. The real Himalayan Salt Lamp understands the products that are super fragile and the companies expect a high number of returns. If the company you purchased from doesn’t have a welcoming and upstanding return policy, your lamp may not be real.
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