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Buying Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

Guide to Buying Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

Check out the himalayan crystal rock salt lamp buying guide by Rangdaar outlining the four main crucial factors. Choose the proper himalayan salt lamp on the basis of color, size, shape and quality. The lamps are beautiful additions to any home.

According to various resources, himalayan salt lamp can benefit in the following ways:

  • Emit negative ions which bond with pollutants and neutralize them.
  • Signs such as asthma, allergies and other illnesses can subside from the effects of these products.
  • Cleanse the air
  • Attractive additions to the home

The following is important to remember:

  1. White salt lamps are rare and emit the maximum light.
  2. Pink salt lamps fall between the white and orange color veins.
  3. Orange salt lamps emit the warmest glow.
  4. Red salt lamps are attractive but if they are too dark, they can block most of the light of the bulb.
  5. In addition to color being important for the shade of the lamp, it is important in affecting the mood as well.

Colour: Himalayan Salt Lamp

The salt colors run in veins inside the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The color of the Himalayan salt lamp depends on the vein it was mined from. Since these are natural products, salt color cannot be guaranteed but tend to be of an orange hue.

Size: Himalayan Salt Lamp

The biggest differentiating factor of a salt lamp is its weight. The heavier the lamp, the broader its ionization properties. In addition to the size determining the efficiency of the himalayan salt lamp, so does the number of lamps. Sometimes, it is best to purchase a package that includes multiple lamps so that they can be spread out throughout the house for optimal beauty and ionization.

Shape: Himalayan Salt Lamp

Natural shape himalayan salt lamp: The most popular type. They are preferred by the customers because of their natural look.
Crafted shape himalayan salt lamp: The special shapes add character and look good when combined with natural shapes throughout the home.

Quality: Himalayan Salt Lamp

Things to look for in quality include how well the salt crystal is attached to the base. How the light socket is inserted in the drilled hole of the lamp is important? A quality lamp socket either has spring-loaded clips on the side that apply pressure to the inside walls of the barrel in the lamp that are easily pulled out with a slight tug or butterfly clips on the side of the socket that snap into a metal ring.

The warm ambient glow of a himalayan salt lamp creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere that promotes relaxation. So what are you waiting for? Buy a himalayan salt lamp today!

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